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Prayer to Keep Unity With The Lord, Prayer for February 24th

Prayer of the Day
February 2th
This prayer of the day is written like a poem and can be read as a prayer or as a poem. It can be used for Christian meditation and reflection.
It is a devotional prayer that expresses worshipful and meaningful truths regarding the relationship between God and his servant followers.

I suggest you read it a few times and then pray the different themes in your own words.

You may print a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back and reflect on it throughout the day.

I hope it is a blessing to you.

* * * * *

Prayer to Keep Unity With The Lord
Prayer for February 24th

O God, You are Creator and the Master of all.
I come and bring thanksgiving, my love, worship, and praise.
By Your hand come wondrous and good blessings to me.
Help me see that dependence must be wholly on You.
I ask for Your Fatherly hand upon my life.
Bless all of my undertakings and my duties this day.
Let me learn to consistently give up myself for You.
May all of my affections be only for You.
Keep me from the allurement of all vanity and pride.
May You be my protection from all evil and sin.
When I face the Temptation to turn away from You
Then give my heart resolution, faith, and passion for Christ.
Show me all that separates me from Jesus my Lord,
So that I may establish how to remain near him.
And may I walk faithfully with him until he comes.

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