Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Prayer of Personal Service Out Of Devotion, A Prayer for December 13

Prayer for December 13
This Poem of the Day is written by the poet of faith and is written like a poem but is ideal for meditation, reflection and prayer.

You should read it a few times and then pray the various thoughts in your own words.

You may make a copy or bookmark this page.


A Prayer Of Personal Service Out Of Devotion
Prayer for December 13

Dear God, You alone have all power
You are my Father, King, and Maker;
And You sent Jesus as my Savior,
Through whose death evil is conquered
And he gives power to live anew-
Who else is worthy of my worship? 
May I walk always in his footsteps.
May I give Your kingdom my best effort.
Give me joy today in Your service.
Give me both blessing and Your guidance.
Grant that I become good and noble.
Keep me from actions that are selfish,
And make me willing to take burdens
Off of the shoulders of Your children.
By Your grace forgive where I sinned,
And watch my pathway lest I stumble.
Free me from all envy, fear, and folly.
Grant me Your power in my weakness.
Help me to obey all Your commands.
And bring You honor and true Glory.

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