Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Prayer of God's Compassion, September 22

Daily Prayer
September 22
This prayer of the day is written by the poet of faith. It is written like a poem but may be used as a reflective prayer if you read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

You may make a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back.

I hope it is a blessing on your day.

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Prayer for God's Compassion
September 22

You are God alone and no one else
There is no one beside You for me.
I thank You, my Father, that I can pray.
It is by Your goodness that You hear me.
By Your grace You provide all that I need,
And my soul is grateful for all Your love.
You have shown me blessings too great to count.
You have bestowed good on my way.
With joy I lay myself low at your feet.
I can't help but adore You for Your love
Thanks be unto God for the gift of life.
Thank You for my Savor who died for me.
I thank You for blessings that You give me
I pray for all others to know Your love.
I pray You show pity to those in need.
Look with grace on the lonely and sad souls,
Show Your grace and favor to the poor ones,
And to the stranger who is far from home,
And give to them every good thing they need.
It could be me hungry cold and lost.
Help me to not forget where my good comes,
For I, too, am never far from such needs.
It is by your mercy that I can stand,
Let me not fall because of the sin of pride.

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