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The Prayer of the Worshipping Servant, Prayer for June 25th

Prayer for today June 25
This prayer for the day of June 25 is written by the poet of faith and is written like a freestyle poem, but with some rhythm to it.

You may want to read it a few times and after you reflect on it for a while use it as an outline and to pray it in your own words.

I hope it blesses your day.
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Prayer for June 25

You are the Eternal One, the God of all power
And by Your sacrifice, You are now my true sovereign.
I come with gratitude at the start of my morning.
Give me that fellowship with You which grows more deeper.
Grant me Your protection from each sin and all evil.
Keep me from transgression lest I start to turn away,
And serve another who has no love for mankind.
May I be unselfish in all my thoughts and actions.
Use me that others may come to know The Savior.
I pray You empower me to good works by Your Spirit.
Help me to champion in a work that is righteous.
Teach me to recognize the place where You are working,
And may I gratefully serve You as a way of worship,
So I can accomplish some good for my Lord's Kingdom.

We are made to know God and serve Him. This prayer offers the service of worship and expresses the desire to serve in actions and doing good. It is God's will that we do good works in his name he has even prepared the works for us to do.

"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10.

If you are not yet confident of having salvation see my other blog to learn how you may find eternal life.
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Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem. I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.
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