Sunday, May 10, 2015

Prayer For Loved Ones Far Away, June 9

Prayer for June 9
This prayer for the day is written by the poet of faith. It is written like a poem and you may use it as a guide in your prayer.  Read it a few times and after you are comfortable with the words pray it in your own words.

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Lord God, and Father in Heaven,
I ask Your blessing on kindred
Lord, Please watch over my household
And loved ones nearby or away.
May they be fruitful in spirit
And have daily needs fulfilled
Bless them in rising at morning
Be with them throughout the evening.
Grant them Your favor and mercy
Watch their going and travels
May they all return in safety
Guard all their labors and efforts
And as they obey Your commands.
May their faith increase with knowledge
Please do watch over their children
That they may confess your Savior
In their youth before hope passes.
Give them a passion for Jesus
And hearts for serving God's kingdom

(c) Adron Dozat

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