Friday, February 27, 2015

May God To Watch Over Me, A Prayer For March 24

Daily Prayer
March 24

The prayer for the day of March 24, it is written by the Poet of Faith.

It is not only a prayer, it is written like a poem with some rhythm so you find it easier to read the statements of faith, but it can be used as a guided meditation or a reflective prayer.

If you practice the discipline of prayer you will find that if you read it a few times and then pray it in your own words you will get more out of it and have a deeper sense of communion with God.

Print a copy and take it with to reflect on during the day.
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May God Watch Over Me Prayer

Prayer For March 24

God, You are my Lord and Master,
I am in awe of You, Father,
And bring to You my worship.
You made each one of us unique
Yet, You see and know me rightly.
Help my faith to be well founded
And deep in Your Word, the Scripture.
When I sin may You please forgive,
And show me grace in my errors,
So I may turn from my mistakes.
In this day I need Your guidance
For I am prone to go astray.
In those times that I face danger
I hold Your hand and walk safely.
Guard me when the night brings terror
And watch for the noonday arrow.
Bear me up when I face trials.
Lead me as I walk life's journey.
Let Christ be the way I follow,
Help me look to Him each hour.
Give me a sense of Your presence
So I'll be true to You today.

"You will not fear the terror at night nor the arrow that flies at noon."  Psalm 91:5.

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