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Fellowship with God the Father. A Prayer for September 18

Daily Prayer
September 18
This prayer for the day was written by a poet of faith and is perfect as a reflective prayer,
I suggest you read this a few times and pray it in your own words.

You may print this or bookmark the page and come back to it during the day and read it a few times then pray the thoughts in your own words.

I hope it blesses your day.

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Fellowship With The Father, a Prayer
September 18

My beloved God, and my Father in Heaven.
I begin this day by counting my blessings
Which becomes in me the longing to worship.
Let prayers I bring be fragrant as incense-
That declare You are God worthy of glory.
My pathway this day may harbor dark dangers,
With pitfalls and some foul hidden foes unseen;
As Father, You prune the fruitful vine wisely,
And allow me to face trials with purpose.
When troubles come close I covet Your presence
For knowing Your love gives comfort in darkness.
I submit now to your divine plan freely;
To follow Your will is better than treasure.
Let choices I make find support in Heaven
And declare faith in your goodness and favor.
Cast open my mind to vistas of beauty,
And allow me to find places of service.
When twilight stars shine to signal day's closing
I'll reflect on a day filled with blessings,
And worship with words both humble and grateful.

Our Heavenly Father wants to be part of our day and our lives. He wants to guide, comfort and bless us. He wants us to trust him in faith and find him in each day.

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