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Prayer to Honor God, September 10

Daily Prayer
September 10
This prayer for the day is written by a poet of faith and is like a free verse poem.
Read it a few times and meditate on what it says then use it as a guideline to pray in your own words.
You may make a copy or bookmark this so you can come back later.

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A Prayer To Live In A Way That Honors God
A Prayer For September 10

My God and Father In Heaven
I am Your child and needy,
Made in Your image but broken.
Now I am redeemed by Jesus,
(By whose blood justice is answered).
Through grace I enjoy Your blessing;
And know You provide gifts daily,
Food, air, drink, shelter, and clothing;
All I have received You supply.
Come, by Your Spirit dwell within
And lead me unto all virtue-
For all too often I forget
You, and Your commands to obey.
I have no success in living
Except Your favor and blessing.
When I face trial and testing
Your grace will suffice and abound.*
Let my acts honor Your kindness
And bring You worship and glory.
May I live grateful and worthy
Of so much goodness and kindness;
And let my every deed proclaim
That I too belong to Jesus.

A little commentary: It is best to print this and read it over a few times then pray it in your own words when you are comfortable with the thoughts.

* 2 Corinthians 12:9.

To learn more about how to come to the Heavenly Father and find eternal life follow this link: click here.

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