Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prayer for a Higher Calling Prayer for July 10

Daily Prayer for July 10
This prayer for the day of July 10 is written by a poet of faith and it is like a prayer but full of dedication to God and an expression to serve and know the Lord better.

It is meditative so read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

You may print a copy to take with you or bookmark this page so you can come back to it.

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Prayer for the day of July 10

Lord, You are God in heaven;
I thank You for Your blessings
Such as life, love, and reason.
I am small in this world;
You are God- none is greater,
Deep in You, I find refuge.
Your hand can hold the heavens,
Yet Your arms wrap a child;
Your love drives fear far away.
Grant me faith, and high vision,
And Your Spirit of power.
Give me clear thought and wisdom.
Make my heart true and humble,
To act as Your servant,
And be to all a brother.
Fill my acts with Your courage,
Yet grace my words with kindness.
Make my cause to be righteous;
As I seek to do great things,
That I may bring You glory.
Help me to know my Savior,
He who is my yoke partner.*
And who bears up my burdens.
Make my plans and dreams noble
So that I may be worthy
Of the death that bought mercy.

To learn more about how God can be your heavenly father follow this link: Salvation.

*Matthew 11:28-30.

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