Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prayer Of One Who Serves God, April 17

Prayer for today April 17
This prayer for the day of April 17 is written by the poet of faith and is full of expressions humble devotion to God.  It is more than a prayer for just one day but could become a life-prayer for many.

You can use it as a meditation or a reflective prayer or just enjoy it as a poem.

Read it a few times and then pray it in your own words. You may print a copy and take it with you.

* * * * *

Prayer For April 17

Oh, My Father who rules in Heaven,
I am grateful that You have kept me safe
And watched over me all of my days-
Like a shepherd who knows his sheep by name.
I am thankful, and come full of worship
For Your mercy when I am stained by sin.
I take comfort in Your boundless love,
And find confidence in Your power.
I will yield my mind and heart to You.
Help me to live for You every day.
Give me guidance as I go on my way.
May Your Spirit prompt me to choose the good.
Make me aware of how close by You are.
May I always know and do Your wise will.
Help me remember Your words of light.
Make me faithful in my words and actions.
May I fulfill Your purposes for me,
And bring blessing to others in Your name.
Let the Gospel speak its words through my life,
That those searching for true life may find You.
Let my service to You in some small way
Help others to know You and give You praise.
May Your Kingdom come soon to this world,
When You abide in all men's hearts as King.

A little commentary: It is by God grace that we are able to serve God.  He comes into our lives and gives salvation as a gift and we are brought into his kingdom.  We become His servants in doing good to our fellow man, as we yield to his will.  We continue to look to the God for courage, strength, comfort, faithfulness, and guidance.  In serving him we inspire others to come to God more than sermons and doctrine.

"I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep and my sheep know me." John 10:14.

If you want to know how to find God follow this link: click here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem.
I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.
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