Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Prayer of Gratitude February 1

Daily Prayer
February 1
This prayer-poem is a short declaration of thankfulness and can be used as a reflective prayer or a meditation.

I suggest you read this a few times and then pray it in your own words. You may print a copy of it and take it with you and read it over during the day.

Our gratitude to God should lead us to live lives that imitate Christ, therefore the image of Christ is formed in our hearts.

I hope it is a blessing on your day.

* * * * *

A Prayer of Gratitude

My Father in Heaven
I Come with deep gratitude
And a heart full of love
You have show me kindness
And faithfulness always;
Though I am not faithful
You give daily mercies.
I Thank you for Your care,
For giving me guidance,
And rescue when I call;
For providing for me
Each day and every way.
Above all other gifts
I thank you for Your love
And compassion to me,
You never fail me.
I sin so easily
Yet I can find pardon
By asking forgiveness;
Through the blood of Jesus.
You have so provided
I have no need or want;
But this one desire-
And this is my request
Let the image of Christ
Be formed true in my heart.*


* Galatians 4:19

 To Learn more about having Jesus come into your life follow this link: click here. 

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