Monday, January 14, 2013

A prayer for Daily Guidance, A Prayer for February 5

Daily Prayer
February 5 
This prayer for today is written by a poet and is like a poem but may be used as a reflective prayer or devotional meditation.  It is best to read this prayer a few times and then pray it in your own words.

You are welcome to print a copy and take it with you or bookmark this page so you can come back.

I hope it is a blessing to your day.

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A Prayer For Daily Guidance
Prayer for February 5

Heavenly Father and true God,
You are all-wise and all-knowing.
I humbly bow before You;
Confident in Your love and grace
And thankful for Your great power.
This day is an unknown path-
Forbid I compromise today.
Give me courage, and faith in You,
Help me to hold true to your words
"I will in no wise fail you
Or forsake you."* (What a promise!)
I place myself in Your scarred hands
And ask protection from evil.
Guide me in the way I should go.
Keep thoughts of You before my mind.
Show Yourself to me more clearly
Through the events of the day.
Grant that I may know Your good peace,
And live this day in Your name.

Deuternomy 31:6

A little commentary: I suggest you read this a few times and after you are comfortable with the things it says then pray it in your own words.

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