Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prayer For A New Day, November 20

Daily Prayer
November 20
I wrote this prayer/poem because I hoped it will give others inspiration for the day.

I suggest you pray this in your own words after you have had a chance to read it a few times. You may use it as a reflective prayer or contemplation.

You may print this or bookmark the page so that during the day to reflect on it.

* * * * *
For A New Day
Prayer for November 20

I thank You Blessed Father in Heaven
For blessings you give and refresh each day.
You have brought me to another new dawn
And filled it with new blessings and duties.
As I go may my heart be full of love.
I lay my hand in Yours and I trust You;
You will lead me in the right and safe way.
I am glad to know that You are with me.
Forbid that I offend such fellowship
By any sin, or act, or omission.
Teach me to walk in the steps of Jesus;
And to let Jesus live his life through me,
That I too may go about doing good.*
Open my eyes to see that which is right,
And free my ears to hear that which is pure,
And clean my heart to love that which is true.
When my final day of life is ended,
And I leave this land of shadow and hope
You will bring me to my heavenly home
To partake of the joy of my Savor.
I thank You for this in Jesus' name amen.

To learn more about how to have a new life in Jesus follow this link: click here.

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