Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prayer For God's Kingdom. November 16

Prayer For God's Kingdom
November 16

Heavenly Father, accept my thanks for the hours of peaceful sleep.
Thank You that You have given me another day to serve You.
May I  attend to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
Whatever I do may it all that I do be done to Your glory.
May my desire to be that Your kingdom come soon to this sad world.
Let the Holy Spirit bring a vision of your kingdom in my heart
May Your good will to be done and bless the souls of every man.
I offer to you my body, mind, strength, character and my life,
Use me in Your work that I may count for Your Kingdom.
Teach that I shall trust You always for my daily needs.
As a steward of Your blessings may I share generously.
Give me as much peace and joy in adversity, as in prosperity.
Thank You that when I serve You then You work all for my good.*
In the name of King Jesus; may his reign of love fill all men's hearts.


Read this over a few times and pray it in your own words. You might want to print it and take it with you, you could stop every now and then and reflect over a line or two.
When we serve our King Jesus we serve his kingdom which is made up of our brothers and sisters who have come to him and all humanity who are coming to him. Our lives belong to our king as well as our goods, all should be used to further his Gospel.

To learn more about how to find God in your life follow this link: click here.

* Romans 8:28

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