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Prayer For Grace November 10

Daily Prayer
November 10
This prayer is like a poem and can be used for meditation, reflection or as inspiration for your own personal prayer.

 If you read this a few time and pray the different thoughts in your own words you will find it will be very uplifting. You may use it for reflective prayer or for a time of contemplation.

You may make a copy for your own use or bookmark this page so you can come back.

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For God's Grace
A Prayer For November 10

I bow to thank you, my gracious God and Father,
That in Jesus Christ I have constant access to You.
Make in me a deep pure love of Christ my Savior.
I praise You, Lord, that Your favor comes as a gift-
A gift I can never earn, deserve, or merit.
Show to me how much I depend on Your mercy;
In my weakness, I know Your grace is sufficient.
May I learn to daily receive Your grace by faith,
And how to draw on the rich provision You give
I rejoice that I may draw from Your fullness,
Each moment I find You sufficient to my need.
I bless You for Your abundant grace day by day.
By Your grace may my conduct draw others to You.
And may it constrain me to live to give You praise,
Let me be a channel of good to all I meet;
And by Your grace to help others as You helped me.
I am glad to show whose I am and whom I serve.
May You bless me to the fullest, through Jesus Christ.


We are saved by grace and we also live in the same way. We receive God's grace through faith as a gift. This is a gift we cannot earn or merit but is given by God freely when we come to him. We must continue to receive the mercies of the Lord into our lives. It comes to us through Jesus who died for our sins and bought salvation for us which brings us into a relationship with the Father, this is not something we could do. The act of faith that brings God into our lives is the same act of faith that causes him to release his favor to us. We must practice this daily to receive the fullness of his blessing.

To learn more about how to find the grace of God in your life follow this link: click here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem. I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day. To read another use the search box above or see the left sidebar for my most popular ones.

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