Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who to Be, A Dialogue With God, Numbers 11:29

Who To Be, A Dialogue With God

Stars dimly watch as
City purple shadows
Wash the city streets with
Electric lights that barely
Crack the darkness.

"Where is the one, Lord,
Who is a shining light
To our generation?"
     No answer from heaven.

"Where is our C.S Lewis?
Or our Martin Luther,"
      The stars remain silent.

"Where is our William Booth?"
     No words from the Spirit.

"Where is our D.L. Moody?"
     No voice speaks in the night.

"Where is our St. Francis?"
     Silence in the darkness.

"Who will be your voice today?"
     "Would that all the people
      were prophets." Scripture says.*

But Lord where is your one
for these desperate times?
      "You be the only you."

Who am I suppose to be?
     "Go, you be the one- you."

"I am not Billy Graham."
     "You are not to be him."

"But who should I be then?"
     "Who I meant you to be."

"I am not a Moses.
     "I don't need a Moses."

I am not a David.
    "No, you are not to be."

Or an Apostle Paul."
     "You are meant to be you,
      And that way you will be 
      the you this world needs."

*The Bible, Numbers 11:29.

(c) Adron Dozat

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