Monday, August 27, 2012

Prayer for My Family

A Prayer For My Home

I pray Father that you bless my home today.
Watch over us as we go about our way
As we walk through a world does not know you.
Guard each one of us when tempted to do wrong;
Keep our feet from wandering the paths of sin.
Help us to be generous with your blessings;
For you have been good to us in many ways.
Guard us from evil and keep us from folly.
Put bread on our table and flame in our hearth.
Fill our lives with your joy, peace, and contentment.
May we each live in obedience to you.
Give us a clean conscience toward you and others,
Show us our sins so we may cease doing them
And may we turn to you and find forgiveness.
Let us each know you in a personal way,
And experience your great power afresh.
Show each of us where to do great things for God,
And be the betterment of those here below.
I ask in the name of him who died for me,
And to the praise of My Savior- Lord Jesus.


(c) Adron Dozat

A little commentary. I suggest you read this a few time you may even print it out and take it with you so you can think on the words during the day. I do not intend anyone pray this verbatim but find the thoughts to be the inspiration for personal prayer. To pray for our family and household is the greatest act of love we can do. We should not be ashamed to ask God for his blessing, all answered prayer is a blessing. We were taught in the Lord's prayer to ask for daily needs, and protection. I admit this is lacking worship and thanksgiving but is more as part of a body of prayer one may engage in that would include prayers of thanksgiving and worship.

You are welcome to print a few for your personal use.
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