Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gift Of Me

Gift Of Me
A poem

This is a short freestyle poem that celebrates the Creator and His unique design for each of us and yet we are all made in his image.

Read it thoughtfully a few times you may print a copy if you like. I hope it blessed your day.

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Gift Of Me
A Poem Of Celebration.

Thank You God
For the gift of me;
I am what you made me-
Strengths, weakness, vision
Unique in all Your creation.
Father I accept the me
You want me to be;
Born of flesh
Yet made
In the image of God,
Reborn in the spirit
To learn
The image of Christ
In me.
I accept
From You today
The gift of self,
May I fulfill
The me
Of Your design.
I come closer to you
So I may come closer
To me.
To be lost in You
Is to find self.

A little Commentary: Many faith communities stress the sinful nature of the flesh or human nature, thus implying self is evil. Some communities of faith though acknowledging the need for salvation from sin, yet point to self not as sinful but a gift, part of the image of God and the light within. When we embrace self and all the uniqueness that God has made us we find our vocation or purpose. God created us each unique, that is a gift that makes intimate fellowship with our Creator personal. This poem does not embrace weakness or excuse sin but celebrates the gift of individuality that expresses the image of an infinite God in each one of us uniquely.


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