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To Live Above The Struggles Of Life, A Prayer For August 3rd

Daily Prayer
August 3rd
This prayer for the day was written by the poet of faith and is written like a freestyle poem. You may want to read it a few times and then pray it out in your own words.  It expresses a desire to Honor God in times of personal difficulty.

You may make a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back.

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A Prayer To Live Above The Struggles Of Life
A prayer for August 3rd

Oh God, adored, I ask, uphold me now
By Your gracious and all-mighty strong arm.
Give me blessings that are correct for me.
Let no jealous thought of others tempt me.
Help me endure each day's trials by faith;
I know testing may hide treasures so rare.
In hard trials keep the promise You spoke
"That in all things You are working for good."*
Give me holy and pure ideals to live
So I become the one making a change,
And not descend to the common man's ways,
Or be buried in the struggle to cope.
Let me conform to Your loving good plan
And not wander from the pilgrim's hard path.
In my darkness shine Your brightness of truth
That my motives will be expunged of wrong.
Make me steadfast as I obey Your Word.
May I proclaim Your cross before all men
With a thankful heart of peaceful bright hope.
May I always seek to perform kind acts,
And speak gentle words of Christian love,
May I declare Christ through many good deeds,
And give glory to him- Jesus my King.

Read the whole verse at this link  *Romans 8:28 , see comments below.

The verse quoted was paraphrased to fit the length of each sentence of 10 syllables, but it is a familiar verse to most faith communities.

To learn more about how to have God change your life follow this link.:

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Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem.  
I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.
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