Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prayer to Serve Gratefully. Prayer for May 9

Prayer for May 9
This prayer for the day is written by the poet of faith and is written like a poem.   It is a humble petition to serve God and finds motivation to serve Him with joy.  You may want to read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

May The Grateful Serve Joyfully,
A Prayer for May 9.

O Lord , You are the righteous and true one,
Who fills heaven, yet sees the sparrow fall.
You are pure; Your ways are right and blameless.
You abide in heaven as the Lord Of All
And with one that is of a humble heart,
Who has a contrite and lowly spirit.
I bow before You, as do kings, and saints;
I humbly ask Your pardon of my sins-
Not by my virtue but through my Savior.
Thank you that so great is Your love for man
That You gave Your beloved son for our sins;*
So that any who believe might have life.
What joy that none can pluck me from Your hands!*
I pray that Your kingdom of love come soon.
Let your will be done here as in heaven.
Grant salvation to the hearts of all men.
May all work for You in power and love.
Give me the grace and strength to serve rightly,
And to do my work, and all as Your praise.
Keep me from sin, or any transgression
That may cause hurt or sorrow to any.
I ask in the name of Him Who Served.

The Redeemed Serve With Gratitude 

* John 3:16.  *John 10:38

This prayer starts with worship as all prayer should. It reminds us of the need for humility and calls us to serve out of gratitude.  It is a humble pray of one who considers himself lowly before the Lord. The prayer acknowledges salvation is of God and not our efforts. The request is not self-serving but kingdom centered, that God's kingdom may come and those who labor for it may be blessed.

(c) Adron Dozat

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