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Prayer for June 28 A Prayer For God To Use Me

Daily Prayer
June 28
I suggest you read this a few times and when you are comfortable with it pray it in your own words.

You may want to print a copy so you can reflect on it during the day or bookmark this page and come back to it.

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Prayer For God To Use Me.
June 28

Dear heavenly Father,
I come now in prayer,
And give joyful thanks
For My Savior Jesus;
The very Lamb of God
Sacrificed for my sin.
I come with confession
And mourn for my sin,
Only You can cleanse me,
And fit me to serve you.
May I serve faithfully.
Let me sense Your presence,
And see clearly Your lead.
May I feel Your peace,
And walk in Your favor.
Use me in Your service.
I will be Your temple,
Filled by Your Spirit;
Giving You the worship
Of living Sacrifice.
My lips shall speak for You,
My hands shall work for You,
My heart shall beat for You.
My feet will bear Your light
To the ones in darkness.
I am Yours, please use me
To bring Your Kingdom near,
And proclaim Your Gospel,
That all know Jesus Christ
As their True King and Lord.


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