Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Does He See

What Does He See
A poem.

I wonder, do others see I love God- does it show?
Could anyone see that I value His sacrifice?
If angels looked down at me would they ever know…
That to me Jesus is much more than just someone nice?

What can be a greater joy for Satan, the chief demon,
Tan to point at the scars that my Lord must forever bear
And to gloat before the audience of all heaven
Hissing, “Christians believe in you, but they just don’t care.”

What have I done lately to show God that I love him?
Or are the days of my zeal so long ago gone?
Does Jesus look and wonder why my love is so dim,
Can I recall when my love was really turned on?

God defends His love for mankind from His judgment throne
In response to the devil’s hateful accusing tease,
Saying, “There is one who is grateful, one of my own…”
Would He point to me and say, “Satan, just look there please?”

Is my Sunday morning church habit ever enough
To show gratitude to Him who suffered for me?
Shouldn’t I say no task too hard, no challenge too tough?
No service is too small for One whose death set me free!

I answer Satan's scorn in the name of the Master,
“You’ve made your challenge to a Christian’s love- name your task!
By Gods grace I’ll show you, and all, such love for my Savior;
No sacrifice, no work, no pain, is too much to ask.”

(c) Adron

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