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Daily Prayer
August 14
This short prayer poem is written by the poet of faith and even though it is written like a poem it has many expressions of faith and trust in our heavenly Father.

I suggest you use it as a guided prayer by reading it a few times thoughtfully and then praying it in your own words.

I hope it blesses your day.

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A Prayer To Trust Our Heavenly Father
A prayer for August 14

Eternal Father, how truly wonderful
That I am Your child
Through the death of Your Son Jesus Christ.
Thank You, that though You were my Creator;
You also became my Redeemer.
Thank You that all
Who accept Jesus as Savior
May become part of Your family.
Thank You, that You,
Share my sorrows and my joys.
Thank you for Your Holy Word;
May I give time to it,
And let Your Spirit give light
That I may understand it.
Give me a hunger for righteousness
In my thoughts and actions.
Grant me wisdom in friendships.
Help me to trust You in the dark moments
And to be confident in your Divine will.
May my acts of service to You,
And to others, bring glory to Your name;
Both in heaven and here on earth.

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