Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Prayer for our Nation.

A Prayer For Our Nation

A Prayer For Our National Soul.

Holy God, surely You are the God
Of all righteousness and truth.
Unbind our iron wrapped eyes
To see our wrongs against Your love.
Clean our ears of the black crud
That blocks us from hearing Your word.
Demolition our concrete hearts
And transplant tender organs.
Give us clear eyes that see Your truth.
Open our ears to hear Your words.
Grant us hearts that pump gentle love.
Take our dirty hands and turn us,
And place us on Your humble path.
May we soon enjoy Your healing,
And again share the bright blessings
That flow from Your gentle sure hand.

(c) Adron

A little commentary: This prayer-poem is for a nation made of individuals. It is a prayer that must be personal for each of us, we should say it with "Me" instead of "us," and "our." The blessing of any nation depends not on the industry of the population but the favor of God. The favor of God cannot be earned but it can be sought and found by those who humble themselves before God and acknowledge he is right.

Isaiah 6:9-10.

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