Thursday, June 3, 2010


Prayer For The Day
August 1st
This prayer for the day of August 1st is written by a poet of faith and expresses trust in God who blesses and abides with us. It is written in a freestyle form and you may want to read it a few times before using it as a guide in your own prayer.

You may print a copy or bookmark this page and come back during the day.

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A Prayer For The Day
August 1

O God, My Gracious Father,
I look to You alone for blessing.
I am poor in spirit and bankrupt in soul.
But You are always  faithful to me;
You treat me with love and kindness.
Your touch is of many mercies.
Everlasting Lord
Teach me that my time here is brief.
May I set my eyes on heaven
And my heart on the eternal hope
Through the blood of Jesus.
Help me stay faithful to my Lord
All through my days.
And when I cross that last threshold
And come into Your Presence
I know that with  joy and gladness
I will be with my Savior and Lord

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