Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A poem
This is a short freestyle poem about freedom that is written as an act of worship and testimony to God's grace. It expresses that true freedom is found in belonging.


A Poem to God

I enjoyed an arrogant freedom,
My coming and going was my own.
I recognized no wall around me;
I wore no man’s tin dog tags,
And no fetters held my feet.
I could tread upon any pathway;
Climb the cliffs of my choice,
And sleep upon any shore.
I shared my liberty with no other;
To be unbound was my pride.
Independence was my joy.
Until I met You, Jesus, Savior;
And learned the true liberty
Of being bound by Your love.
Now you are the shore I sleep on;
You became the road I walk,
And the country I dwell in.
Now You are all of my boundaries,
I wear your name around my heart.
Freedom and You became one.
I find glory in that I am Yours.
I am free by belonging to You.



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