Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Prayer for April 16, The prayer to find God's will.

Daily Prayer
April 16
A prayer for the day, April 16, is a humble prayer to find God's will for you, not only in major decisions but as a lifestyle, or attitude.  It is a God-centered meditation and is full of grateful worship.

Read it a few times to get all the meanings then pray it in your own words.

I hope it blesses your day.
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A Prayer For April 16

My God, and Father I come to You
With a heart overfilled with thanks
For all the mercy You do show me
And for the blessings, You give to me-
Who could be worthy of Your great love?
I could with bias say I am great,
But I have weakness, flaws, and need;
I can plead only for Your grace
Which you give freely to all who come.
It makes me humble that You call me
To be Your child, and made Your heir.
You are my helper when I face each test,
By Your strength alone I can go on.
Give me Your guidance at all times;
Show me Your presence when I doubt.
Draw my heart closer to Your own heart,
May all my thinking meld with Your word
Lead by Your mighty hand at all times,
And may Your Spirit guide all my steps,
And make me ready to go and serve.
Teach me to follow and do Your will-
It brings me favor when I heed it.
To give You service is my one joy
You are my purpose and all I am.


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