Sunday, September 1, 2013

Victory, a Poem of Faith

Victory A poem

This little poem was written by the poet of faith and is in the classical rhyme format.  It is a celebration of the victory we have over sin and death through our faith in the sacrifice of Christ who became our substituent for sin's judgment.

* * * * *


The Captain of the host cries,
"It's time to break camp.
You soldiers of the Lord arise
And take up your lamp."

Stand between the light and dark.
Set in front of your eyes
The victor with scar's deep mark,
The price paid for love's prize.

Our battle is won by death
By He who died for sin.
The wonder is just our faith
And not more brings us in.

Stand beneath that rough-hewn cross,
Where war with sin is done.
Fear nothing, not shame nor loss;
And know The Lord has won!


Joshua 5:14

* * * * *

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