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A Prayer of Devotion and Surrender. for September 23rd

Daily Prayer
September 23
This prayer/poem was written by a poet of faith and can be used as a reflective prayer, or as a meditation

I suggest you read this a few times and pray it in your own words, You may print a copy or bookmark the page so you can come back to it during the day.

I hope it blesses your day.

A Prayer of Devotion and Surrender
September 23

My Kind Heavenly Father hear my words;
By his sacrifice Jesus bought my heart,
His blood providing justice in Your court.
I make confession, claiming him as Lord,
Though I continue falling by the way;
He with compassion reaches out to me,
With grace perfectly measured for my need.*
May I contemplate Jesus who is truth,
With no confusion coming from vain thoughts,
Or those allurements finding me so weak.
I will surrender today to my God,
Let Your manifest Spirit show my way,
And in protection watching all I do.
Let no remorseful action mar Your work,
So my reflection clearly show my Lord.
Give an assignment wherein I may serve;
As a laborer doing his good part,
That will reveal Jesus as the hope
To those suffering under sin's dark chain.
May Your wondrous kingdom fill the earth
With love, brotherhood, mercy, and peace soon.


If you want to know more about finding Jesus as savior follow this link: Click here.

* 2 Corinthians 12:9


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