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Prayer Of One In Tears, Prayer For July 17th

Daily Prayer
July 17
This prayer for today, July 17, is written by a poet who is a deep believer in God and looks to the Lord for comfort in trials.  It is written like a poem.

You may want to read it a few times and then pray it in your own words. You are welcome to print a copy or bookmark this blog so you can come back later.

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Prayer for July 17

Oh, Lord, I know You are all knowing;
I look to the God of all comfort,
None but You see how bad I feel.
I know my tears do not fall unseen,
But are shared by Christ, my yoke-fellow.
This is a time of loss and grieving-
In this hurt, I trust Your wisdom.
I know that this pain has a purpose.
In this test help me to be faithful
With time the hurt will turn to blessing
I will praise You when this is finished,
Though the night is full of my weeping
You will give me joy in the morning.*

A little commentary:
We can count on God's comfort when we grieve. We can trust in his wisdom and his mercy. He has a purpose and a plan and in the end, we will be able to praise him joyfully.

To learn how you can know the God of all comfort personally follow this link:click here.

* Psalm 30:5

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