Thursday, August 16, 2012

Once, My Dream

Poem, Once, My Dream 
Once, My Dream. A poem by Adron.

I once had a dream
To live by the sea
In a harbor town
At the edge of the earth,
To motor out softly
At four AM
To lay nets with love
Upon diamond waves.
I would count nameless fish.
The fishmonger would come
Dockside at three PM,
"What do we have today?"

But I finished high school.
I got a night shift job,
Cleaning floors with a
Klark Two Hundred buffer;
Riding a bus at four AM,
Catching the last run home,
To sleep in a one room flat,
Off fifty second street.

I had a dream once,
I remember it now
Fifty years later.
Was it a map
I didn't follow,
A probable portrait
Painted by the spirit?
Was the dream a me
I failed to become?

The dream had been
A pleasant friend.
We spoke sometimes
Waiting for the bus;
Until I get on the bus
And wave at the dream,
And say soft words,
"Maybe tomorrow I'll
Motor out at four am."

(c) Adron Dozat

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