Friday, July 27, 2012

Stars, A Poem Of Loss

A Poem Of Loss

I am sorry God,
We have lost your stars.
I went out last night
To look for them.
I thought
They were in the sky
Where I saw them last
Some years ago.
The Milky Way is gone,
Lost in city light wash;
Orion and Pleiades
Have been wiped out
By watts, volts, lumens,
And incandescence.
I'm sorry God,
You gave them to us
As a treasure.
We were so busy
Setting up our toys,
I am afraid
They won't be found
Because no one
Is looking for them.

A little commentary. I wrote this while on vacation in the countryside. We were away from the city and the night sky was not affected by the dulling effect of city lights. The stars were a hundred times more clear than ever seen in the city. 

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