Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Cross I Have Taken.

The Cross I have Taken.

Jesus, I have taken up your cross,
The Cross I Have Taken, Poem
I leave all I have to follow you.
To me the world will be as loss,
In favor of the one who is true

I turn my back on all ambition;
Status, gain, pride- I refuse it all.
I choose a richer heart condition
The blessing of answering your call.

Though my friends despise and reject me
I grieve for it is you that they spurn;
For your blood gives life eternally-
A gift so great we could never earn.

Life's way may be hard and the path rough,
But by your cross I may claim the right
To ask of God grace more than enough
And my darkest day will fill with light.

The cross gives grace to live in power,
I hardly know all it is to me;
No mere fashion for the church hour
But true eternal life and glory.

Too soon shall my earthy mission end,
Only you know the count of my days.
Because of the cross I shall ascend
Where faith turns to sight and prayer to praise.

(c) Adron Dozat

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