Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prayer For A Difficult Day A Prayer for February 22

Prayer For A Difficult Day

You set before me a new day,
With countless opportunities;
And much potential to do good.
You have already filled this day
With your bountiful provision.
When I ponder today's duties
I will ask for Your guiding hand.
Let me not face today's struggles
Without Your strong upholding arm.*
Let me not make foolish choices
By failing to seek Your counsel.
When I am in desperate danger
I will rely on Your strong arm.+
If today You grant me success
I will praise You for such mercy.
If You let today end poorly
I will declare Your will is good;
And know Your plan for me is love.
Though it maybe a day of dread
I rejoice to see Your will done;
I will show a love of my God
That is as bright in tragedy
As when peace shines like a spring dawn.
If all of my world crumbles
I will declare God rules wisely
When this hard day is finished,
(Be it for joy or my sorrow),
May all I have done bring Him praise
As I give thanks to God my King
The sure Rock that will never move.

*Psalm 20:6  + Isaiah 41:10

A little commentary:
I suggest you read this a few times during the day, you may print a copy or bookmark this page, and then pray it in your own words.
We all face difficult and even tragic days. I hope this little prayer helps. God is watching with loving eyes. He has a plan for each season and his plan is for our good. He is the rock that won't be moved so we can stand confidently on him. There are many purposes in our difficult days. Sometimes we need to avow that no matter what we will choose to love God and serve him. Sometimes we need to grow out of our own selves and mature. We do not know all the counsels of God but he is good and though it sounds trite and overused it is still true - we need to trust him. When it is over and done with we need to resolve no matter what God is still worthy of praise and service.

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(c) Adron Dozat

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