Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Prayer To Be A Positive Influence A prayer for January 15

Daily Prayer
January 15
This prayer for the day of January 15 is written like a poem but it is full of expressions of faith and a passion to live a life for good and service to others.

It is a little like a guided prayer so you may want to read it a few times and then pray it in your own words. You may print a copy or bookmark this page so you can find it later.

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For January 15

O Lord, You have shown that I can trust You.
I seek Your blessing each and every day,
That I may bring its influence with me
Into the stress and strife of modern life.
Save me from my own selfish vanity.
Give me the gift of Your abounding strength,
So that I may conquer my own weakness.
Give me the wisdom that is from Heaven,
So I may know Your daily design,
And to fulfill Your plan for man's blessing.
I give to You possession of my mind
That I may be inspired by Your thoughts.
May I work with You doing works of love,
That I may live the most true life I can.
Guide me with the soft touch of Your Spirit
That by my actions I may bless others.
Help me to be truly sympathetic,
As I touch the lives of people You love.
Be my unseen adviser and tutor
As I walk among people who suffer-
And those who carry silent, secret pain.
Let my ways show that Jesus lives with me.
May I be a humble tool in Your hands
To show others the gospel of Your love.
I ask these favors in Your gracious name.

We can be a positive influence when we give ourselves to God and ask for his guidance. We must empty ourselves of vanity and self-seeking and work as servants of God, by doing His good among our fellow man. This cannot be done alone we need God in our lives to do so.

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