Friday, May 6, 2011

A Prayer For The Offering

You might want to keep the back door open and the motor running when you pray this prayer in church over the offering. Don't pray this before the congregation unless you are in the spirit and in tears over the poor giving of Christianity.

Mighty God, Righteous One, King of the Universe, and Lord of our Church,
Thank you that you have blessed us with such riches, treasures and abundance.
Thank you for Jesus who died on the cross taking our sins on himself.
We come before you today bringing our humble offering and tithes.
May it reflect the value we put on your sacrifice of your Son.
Forgive us, O Lord, the smallness of it compared to Your Great blessings.
Forgive us for stinginess when you have been so very generous.
Help us to be ashamed to think that your enemies give more to cults
Than we, who are bought by the death of your Son, give to your gospel work.
Do not bring to our minds the frivolities written in our checkbooks
When the gospel message is brought to it's knees for want of our giving.
We know the times, for today we are not bound by the 10 percent  rule,
But under grace we are free to give 20 percent or even more.
Thank you for the free salvation that we did not buy with our works or tithes-
But our tithes and offerings reveal how much we esteem salvation.
Encourage Your servants who sacrifice to serve you here and abroad,
Although their hands are tied and their vision hobbled by our stinginess.
Bless the advance of the gospel as it crawls forth starved by our small gifts.
You said "Having done this to the least of these you have done it to me."
Thank you that we do not see you hungry, naked, sick, or in prison,
May those who despair and are dying go in peace, be warmed, and filled.
Thank you Lord that you richly bless those who give- We just choose to opt out
Thank you that when we survey the smallness of our eternal reward
You will not force on us the image of our selfishness toward You.
May You somehow be glorified and honored by our giving today.

(c) Adron Dozat

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