Saturday, May 7, 2011


A Dad's Prayer
This is a short prayer written by the poet of faith. It is like a poem and has some form, but the expressions of faith and dependence on God is timeless and echoes the heartbeat of many men of faith who struggle with family pressures.

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A Dad's Prayer For His Family

Lord of Heaven and Father of us all
Show Your favor unto my family.
For You have indeed given us so much.
Thank You for the protection of this house;
We are grateful for the warmth of the hearth,
For the nourishment of our daily bread,
And the shoes we wear when so many lack.
Give us also food that comes from heaven-
The Word of the Spirit that feeds our souls.
Fill our hearts with the joy of salvation,
Clothe us in the robe of Christ's righteousness,
And fill our ways with Jesus' character.
Give us such a love for one another
Which mirrors your enduring love for us.
Counsel us in our every decision,
That our choices may turn us to your will.
Protect us in the hour of danger,
And deliver us when we are tempted.
Keep us from the evils of this world,
And make us to be a positive force.
May we each do works of righteousness.
Forbid any to bring sin through our door.
Let us feel Your presence in our home;
Abide in the laughter at our table,
Make our home like an island of heaven,
And a refuge to any here on earth

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