Friday, August 6, 2010

Map Of Me

Map Of Me

I feel I am farther away
From the me I want to be.
I wonder at all of the delay
In those goals I had for me.

I had such a great plan for my life
To enjoy good things by now,
But with the daily trouble and strife
I’ve lost all control somehow.

Dear God, I wish you would just hurry
To put my life back together.
Yes Lord, I know its wrong to worry-
But it seems to take forever.

Lord, I know that mine are not your ways,
You see clearer than I do.
You know every turn in my life’s maze.
The map of me is by you.

I know, oh Lord, you have a purpose.
Your design is trustworthy,
And is powered by Your goodness
To do what is best for me.


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(C) Adron

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