Thursday, June 3, 2010


Prayer for the day
August 28

This prayer is written by the poet of faith and even though it is written like a poem it may be used as a meditation or a prayer. There are man expressions of devotion and faith.

I suggest you read this a few times and then pray it in our own words.

You may print a copy or bookmark this page.

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A Prayer Celebrating The Greatness Of God
Prayer for August 28

Dear God, You have no limits
There are no limits in who You are,
And no limits in what You can do.
I'm too small to understand You;
Yet You give thought to little me,
And bring rich blessings in my life.
Thinking of You fills me with joy.
May I be a blessing to others today.
Thank You for occasions to serve.
Your goodness to me has no limits,
Yet I wander from Your mercies.
Forgive me for my defiance,
Cleanse me through the blood of Jesus.
Be my dearest companion today,
And counsel my every decision.
May I put no limits on You,
And see Your hand in every detail.

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