Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A prayer for peace is a prayer written by the Poet of Faith. It is a prayer written like a devotional poem and expresses a desire for the Peace of God to dwell with men and rule the nations.  Read it a few times then pray it in you own words.



Look down from Heaven
Upon this troubled world
Shepherd us, Your children
To pastures of peace.
Renew in each of us daily
A vision of hope for all.
Direct us to put our hands
To the labor of virtue.
Pour the spirit of good will
Upon all mankind,
Until every one of us
Enlist in the cause of peace
And to gladly sacrifice
For its advent on earth.
Lead us to work for that day
When all the nations of men
Are kingdoms of our Lord,
And the spirit of Christ
Rules in every heart.


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(C) Adron Dozat