Friday, August 28, 2009


a Poem

I see from the windows of my eyes
The lives built into the city stones
The lives dreamed in beautiful houses
Driving new, shiny, fashionable cars
Owning wonderful American joys
I see the handsome muscular husbands
(Successful entrepreneurs)
And the adoring twenty something wives
(Beauty holding hands with beauty)
Glad smiles and happy greetings
Full stomachs pushing waistlines
Cruise tickets in their pockets and
Keys to the summer house in the islands.

I confess I often wish I was them
I wish I had nice houses and new car
And a beautiful loving soul mate
I wish I could just buy any food I wanted
I wish I could ride the cruse ship
To my other house in the islands

Jesus, You are my dwelling place
Jesus, You are my joyful possession
Jesus, You are the feast before me
Jesus, You are who greets me happily
Jesus, You are my adventure
Jesus, You are the house in the islands.

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(C) Adron Dozat