Saturday, July 25, 2009


I Had A Plan,
A Poem Of Acceptance

I had a plan,
     Sacrifice a knight
          Move my queen-
I had a plan,
     I would buy low
          And sell high-
     Nice profit.
I had a plan,
     Run with the ball,
          And mount defense-
I had a plan,
     Soften with artillery
         Charge with cavalry-
I had a plan,
      Get a higher degree
         Pursue my career-
It was my plan,
     Such a good plan
          In my image-
It crashed in flames,
     Sunk below the waves,
          Smoke to the skies-
God has a plan,
     A plan of love,
          A plan of grace-
May God’s plan
     Be my plan,
          I’ll accept it-

(C) Adron Dozat

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