Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Am Weak

I Am Weak.

Lord God, Creator and preserver of all things.
I humbly bow before you in awe and worship
I have no reason to hope you regard me.
I cannot earn your favor or pay for it.
I stand before you by the merit of another-
He who suffered and died on the cross for me.
Thank you for past blessings which You gave,
for all I have that is good comes from You.
I am weak, and wicked if left alone.
Forgive my sins which are so many,
Show me the sins I refuse to see.
Meet my needs and temper my wants
Teach me contentment with what You Give.
Draw me ever closer to Your side.
Be my friend, counselor and guide.
Fill my heart with true love for God.
Give me passion for Your interest.
Grant me skill to work for Your kingdom.
May Your Light Shine through my life;
So whoever I meet may see only You,
And be drawn to Jesus my Loving Savior.


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(c) Adron Dozat