Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Prayer Of The Unworthy Disciple Prayer for February 10

The Prayer Of The Unworthy Disciple
A Prayer for February 10

Almighty God, I call You My Father,
It is a marvel that I may do so;
And in the strength of Your Name I go forth
To meet the test and duties of this day.
May I become worthy of such blessings,
Which in spite of my weakness You give me.
Grant me compassion as I meet others,
May I have pity for all who are weak.
Let me revere that You died for them too.
Cloth me with the armor of light and truth,
May I be a reflection of Your peace.
Make me dread with horror all evil thoughts.
Free me from each unholy desire,
May they be cast out of my feeble heart;
And give me a passion for holiness.
In all I do, may I seek Your pleasure.
Help me to follow the teaching of Christ.
Keep back danger; mortal and spiritual.
Guide me to faithfully choose life's right way;
And when the efforts of my life are done
May I come to My Father's house, in peace.
By the power of Jesus' name I pray;

(c) Adron Dozat

A Little Commentary:
I suggest one reads this a few times and pray it in their own words after they are comfortable with the thoughts it presents. You may print a copy for your own personal use.

I hope this is an encouragement. I suggest one meditates on this and prayers the ideas in their own words. We are all unworthy but not all of us are disciples, though many are believers. There are so many blessings that we are not worthy of; blessings spiritual and blessings that we can touch and feel. No doubt the greatest blessing is that our Lord Jesus came to die on the cross to pay for our sins, we do not deserve him to do that for us. We need to be a blessing to others; it is the only logical response to God's blessing to us. In order to be a blessing to others we need to be walking in close fellowship to our Lord and here I bring up the issue of our sins breaking our fellowship to God and robing us of the power to be a blessing. We ignore the need for holiness in our lives, it is almost a dirty word even in church circles, but we must judge our sins all the way down to the thought levels where they have their roots. We need God to guide us every day not just in big decisions. We need to keep our life focus not the here and now but serving God and his kingdom.

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